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What is this place?
This is the part of Nexination that contains information and guides about gadgets and micro controllers.
MCU code collection is a small collection of scripts for microcontrollers.

Short description: This is the code repository for all the MCU code on the Nexination Gadgets YouTube channel.
Feel free to use any of the code as you see fit or even push us some improvements to the code.
Reporting bugs: Any bugs can be reported here.
Configuration collection, contains configurations and guides technical problems

Short description: It is the cumulative information collected by several admins over the years.
The repository is updated regularly and contains a lot of solutions ranging from how to set up SSL servers to running NodeJS in a sandboxed instance.
Reporting issues: Any issues can be reported here.
XOutput is not our product, but it is a great product made by Eric Barrett.

Short description: Eric seems to have stopped development on the project, so we are hostig a version of the project with a few improvements.
What the product does is turn your old DirectInput controllers into bonafide XInput controllers.
To put it in layman's terms, it makes your old controller into an "XBox controller", pretty neat huh?
Node Modular Chat is an old design ideas, to make a reusable Websocket chat.

Short description: This project was a great success and is entirely built in NodeJS and Javascript.
You may use this anyway you'd like or even ask for access to improve upon it.
As for right now, it is super basic, but has many features and it is also very easy to modify to set up your own custom chat should you choose.
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